How to Create and Login to Your Green Dot Online Account

green dot loginOne of the easiest ways to manage your money and to access it quickly is by having a Green Dot Payroll MasterCard. The card offers you great value such as having no overdraft fees. You can also avoid check-cashing fees and long lines. However, you need an Green dot login online account before you can enjoy all these benefits.

How to Create a Green Dot Online Account

Follow these steps when creating an online Green Dot account.

First, go to the Green Dot site and navigate to the page with the header, ‘Create Online User ID.’ On this page, you will see a small wizard that directs you to where you should fill in your personal information. The details required in this care are mandatory. Here are the fields that you should fill when creating this account.

• Your card number- you should make sure that you key in the 16-digit code correctly so that Green Dot does not reject your application

• The card’s expiration date

• Your date of birth

• Your mailing zip code

• Your card’s CVV- CVV refers to the three-digit number printed on the right side of the signature panel that appears at the back of your card.

After entering these details, the site will direct you to another page so that you can create a username and a password for the online account. You should note that providing your social security number when registering the account is necessary. Otherwise, you will have to call customer care for further assistance on the registration process. When creating your username, it is important for you to note that unlike the password, you cannot change it.

How to Login to Your Green Dot Account

To access your account, you need to go to the Green Dot website. Then, you should navigate to the Green Dot login panel. You will see a login wizard. Enter your username and password. Unfortunately, many people forget their login information in the course of time as they use the account. Do not worry about it. It happens. Click on the links below this wizard if you have forgotten your Green Dot login details.

What to Do when You Cannot Remember your Password

You can access your Green Dot account in four easy steps if you cannot remember your password. Start with clicking on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link. You can find it on the Green Dot login page. The link will direct you to a password recovery page where you can perform the three remaining steps.

• Key-in your card number

• Then enter your security code or the CVV

• Green Dot will confirm your information and if it is correct, you will be emailed your password after which you can access your account.

With your Green Dot online account, there is so much you can do such as enjoying online shopping from the comfort of your home or office which saves you making long queues. You also get to check your balance and manage your account using the online app. With a Green Dot card, you have the freedom to withdraw cash anywhere with a Visa debit card or debit MasterCard approval. You can load the card as you wish, and to ensure your security, Green Dot blocks card usage in countries it feels have high fraud rates.

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PNC Bank Online Banking Login

PNC Bank Online Banking LoginSign up to PNC Bank online banking is an easy 5-step process that takes less than a minute to complete. The initial stage requires you to verify your identity by keying in your Social Security Number, PNC Visa Debit card PIN and PNC account number. Your User ID must be at least 8 characters long but not exceeding 20 characters. Only letters, numbers, or the special characters @, ., -, and _ can be used when setting up the User ID. For the PNC Visa Debit Card PIN field, provide only four digits. You may use your PNC Bank online banking login & telephone banking account access PIN as an alternative.

A successful verification of your credentials takes you to the next step to create login credentials. Choose a username that you can remember easily and one you are comfortable being addressed to. Set a strong password for the sake of security and do not share it with anyone. The system requires you to customize your security detail in the third step, where you must specify means of accessing your account. To ensure users are familiar with the terms and services offered, a Services & Terms screen appears before account sign up is completed. The final stage gives users the opportunity to review the details they provided before they sign on. Observe the details keenly and correct errors if any.

PNC Bank online banking login is a straightforward procedure as long as one has an account. To log in, click the Login tab placed on the upper right corner of the website, enter your User ID, and click Sign On. Proceed by entering your password into the corresponding field and sign on. A prompt below the Sign On asks if you would like to save User ID. Checking this box enables the system to save the last four characters of your User ID and will be displayed in future sessions.

Choosing to save your user ID helps to distinguish accounts for easy PNC Bank online banking login. You may use the drop-down arrow to select which account to log into if you save more than three accounts. However, you must provide your password even when your user ID is saved in the system. Secure your account by not checking the Save ID box if you are using a public computer. Un-check the box if you wish to disable the save ID option. Updating your ID or clearing cookies also deletes the saved copy of your User ID.

PNC Online Banking provides round-the-clock access to your account even when you forget your password. Just below the Login prompt appears a prompt asking if you forgot your User ID or password. Clicking on this prompt takes you to the reset your password window where you are required to provide correct information about your account. Fill in your online banking User ID and SSN or Tax Identification Number in the corresponding fields. You must provide your full PNC account number as well to proceed.

PNC Online Banking requires you to fill in your User ID in full, but only the last four digits are required for the Social Security Number field. In the event that a Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number is unavailable, call PNC through 1-800-762-2035 to reset your access. Check your recent statements for your full PNC account number if you happen to forget. You can be sure to find this number at the bottom of the statements if it is nowhere at the top. Alternatively, fill this field using your credit card, debit card, savings, checking, investment, or loan account numbers.

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